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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Wordzen exactly?

A: Wordzen is a plugin for Gmail that enables our human editors to help you write and respond to email. Clicking the Wordzen button ensures every email you send contains beautiful sounding perfect English. We can draft and send emails for you based on your brief instructions, or you can draft your own emails and we'll edit and proofread them. To use Wordzen, you must login to Gmail or Google Apps with Firefox or Chrome.

Q: So basically this is a fancy spell check?

A: Spell checking your emails is just one aspect of what our editors do. We also correct and improve your grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence rhythm, and tone. Usually, your emails will also end up shorter after our edits. Fewer words and better meaning.

Q: I'm confused about the executive assistant feature. How can Wordzen act as my executive assistant?

A: Wordzen acts as your email assistant by turning your shorthand notes into polished emails with perfect English. For example, a colleague invites you to an event. You have a conflict and can't attend, but wish to convey an emotionally intelligent response declining. You can simply type "[decline]", hit the Wordzen button, and our editors will convert "[decline]" into a polished, professional email. Our editors can place the email in your Drafts folder for you to review and then send, or with your permission, they can send the email for you.

Q: What exactly will I see on screen as the Wordzen magic takes place?

A: After you click the Wordzen button, your email will be saved in your Drafts folder with the Label "Wordzen Pending". Our editors will be notified and will begin drafting, editing, and proofreading your email message. When they are finished, you'll receive an email notification, and your email's Label will change to "Wordzen Done". It will either remain in your Drafts folder for you to review and send, or based on your Settings, it may have been sent for you, in which case it will be in your Sent Mail folder. For a visual example, see the image slider on the homepage.

Q: What platforms does Wordzen support?

A: Currently, you must be using Gmail through either the Firefox or Chrome web browsers. We will support Safari soon. Additionally, you must use the standard Gmail interface, not Google's new Inbox interface.

Q: I use the Gmail app on my iPhone or Android device. Can I use Wordzen?

A: Yes, you can, but it's not as seamless as it would be using the web browser. You can still use Wordzen by manually applying the "Wordzen Pending" label to a message after you're done composing it. Applying that label will have the same effect as clicking the Wordzen button.

Q: I use Google Apps for my company. Can I use Wordzen?

A: Yes, Google Apps uses Gmail to power the email for your company's domain. As long as you're using Firefox or Chrome to access your email account (or the Gmail app on iPhone/Android), it will work.

Q: I log in to my Gmail account from multiple computers and devices. How do I get the Wordzen button to work everywhere?

A: You must install the browser extension on each browser on each computer. For example, if you use Chrome, and you have a desktop, and a laptop, you must install the Wordzen Chrome extension on both the desktop and the laptop.

Q: I use Gmail but I'm not using Firefox nor Chrome to access my account. Can I still use Wordzen?

A: Yes, you can. The Wordzen button works by applying the label "Wordzen Pending" to emails that you want corrected. You can always manually apply the "Wordzen Pending" label via the UI of the email client you are using. Any emails tagged with the label "Wordzen Pending" allow our system to retrieve the contents and make changes. Just ensure that the labels "Wordzen Pending" and "Wordzen Done" exist in your Gmail account.

Q: Given that this is a human-powered proofreading service, how long will it take you to edit my emails?

A: Our goal is to improve your email within 10 minutes of you hitting the Wordzen button.

Q: What if I have a private email that I don't want you to see?

A: While our editors adhere to a strict confidentiality policy and will never misuse the content of your email messages, you need not click the Wordzen button on highly sensitive emails. Wordzen editors will only see the content of email messages for which the button is clicked.

Q: What if I click the Wordzen button at 3AM? Will somebody really be around to edit my email within 10 minutes?

A: Yes. Wordzen has full 24x7 coverage during the weekdays, and close to 24x7 coverage on the weekends. Therefore you may experience wait times of longer than 10 minutes on weekends.