Big Announcements, including our Voice to Email launch

An email revolution: You talk. We’ll email.

We are currently piloting a revolutionary new feature, which will make sending emails even easier: the ability to record yourself on your iPhone or Android device, send that recording to Wordzen, and then have our editors write an email based on your voice instructions. For example, you can record yourself saying: “Send John Smith an email following up to see what he thought of my proposal.” You then send that to the Wordzen text number (+1-312-313-1321). Our editors will determine John Smith’s email address, interpret the last conversation you had with John Smith, and then compose an appropriate email for you to review and send.

This feature is ideal for providing professionally-written, perfect emails while you’re on the go — while you’re walking in the park, while you’re lounging on the beach, or if you’re simply too tired to get out your computer and type. We are testing this feature to see how it resonates amongst our users. For now, you have to use your smartphone’s voice recording app, and then text the recording to Wordzen. Eventually, we’ll have a native Wordzen app which allows you to just hit Record, talk, and hit Done; the audio will be sent to Wordzen automatically.

I’m looking for 20 of our most active users to test the feature before I release it on a wider scale to our other users. I will email you separately about this; or, if you would like to participate in the trial run, please contact us.

Better Coverage

We’ve been adding to our staff of editors and improving our coverage. For a while, we had a gap in coverage from about 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM EST Monday through Friday. Those gaps have been plugged, so Monday through Friday, your emails should be handled within 10 minutes, 24 hours/day. Our weekend coverage is still sporadic, but as traffic grows, we’ll provide the same coverage on weekends that we do on weekdays.

Bug Fixes

If you’ve ever received a notification from an editor that our software was unable to push an edited email back to your Gmail account, you shouldn’t anymore. We’ve fixed several bugs that occasionally surfaced after our editors improved the text and attempted to send it back to Gmail.

New Tagline

We’ve recently changed the tagline on our homepage to “We write emails for you.” This is an evolution of our two previous taglines: “Sound smarter than you are,” and “An executive assistant for your Gmail account.”

Bye Bye Firefox

We are deprecating support for Firefox, so that we may focus on just Chrome. Chrome plugins are far easier to develop, support, and maintain than Firefox plugins. In time we will also support Safari.

That’s all for now. I’m ecstatic about the next era of Wordzen! Let me know if you have any questions or want to be a part of the voice feature trial.