Bilingual Bio-Tech Researcher Uses Wordzen to Overcome Business Email Challenges

Anyone who has learned a second language knows what a challenging task it is. Even after achieving fluency, many complain that some terms or phrases can be difficult to recall. The issue is often compounded when writing professionally such as in a business email and integrating technical terms.

business email editingFederico is a researcher for a U.S. biotechnology start-up firm which markets a product that prevents dehydration in patients undergoing treatment for serious diseases like cancer. While Federico is both a fluent English and Spanish speaker, there are instances where his phraseology when writing in English varies from that of a native speaker.

“I write emails on a daily basis to physicians and executives for healthcare companies and the words that I use are very important. This is a very critical product that needs to be explained concisely and with great accuracy.”

Federico learned about Wordzen from the CEO of his company, who is also from Latin America.
“I am often complimented on my emails, and I appreciate that – but what is really important is that I am also learning from the editors at Wordzen.”

Wordzen is a truly unique service that uses experienced editors to review emails and then re-type them for clarity and tone, while also ensuring the messages have impeccable grammar, perfect spelling, and proper punctuation. Wordzen is particularly useful for people who write a lot of business email on a daily basis.

business email editingHis CEO has been a Wordzen user since it was introduced in 2014, and Federico has been using Wordzen for six months.

“Besides the time that Wordzen’s editors save me, the qualitative value that they give me is a tremendous contribution to my work. Others may not be concerned about proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation in their business communications, but we are determined to do everything the right way. Wordzen is helping us reach our goals.”

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