Chicago Website Development Firm CEO Mark Tuchscherer Loves Wordzen

Wordzen Email Editing • Time Saving and Peace-of-Mind are Primary Wordzen Benefits for Geeks Chicago

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Although Geeks Chicago CEO Mark Tuchscherer is as clued in to the latest in technology as anyone in the website development business, he occasionally discovers new technology and productivity tools from the members of his dev team. That is exactly how he discovered Wordzen.

After overhearing some ahead-of-the-curve dev team members mentioning Wordzen, Tuchscherer Googled the service and found the tagline, “We write your emails for you.” Intrigued, he delved further.

“Code writers aren’t always the most skilled wordsmiths in the universe,” admitted Tuchscherer. “Wordzen takes care of their worries regarding grammar, punctuation, and spelling.”

Since members of his dev team were using the service to give them a professional boost in communication, the enterprising executive decided to give Wordzen a try himself. After the first email, he was sold. “I wrote an email that was perfect, or so I thought. Somehow, Wordzen’s editors made it ‘perfecter.’ Is that a word?”

Wordzen acts as a safeguard for those mistakes that can doom an email and present you and your company as unprofessional. The right words and the proper tone can turn a mundane email into a polished and professional message that lets the recipient know you are serious about the nature of your business and about your clients.

Tuchscherer estimates he uses Wordzen between three and ten times per week and is most pleased with the fact that he saves a lot of time. “I send Wordzen a draft of what I want to say more or less as scattered notes, and they return a perfectly worded email. It’s great that I can press Send with confidence.”

When there is a lot at stake, like when email correspondence is addressed to current and prospective clients, Tuchscherer appreciates that Wordzen makes sure his messages are flawless.