Boost Your (Unique) Earnings in the New Year

Earnings can be defined differently for different people. If you’re in sales or in charge of your company’s finance team, then you might take that term literally. If you’re a salaried employee, you might consider your earnings to be increased if you get all of the work accomplished that you need to in 45 hours rather than 50, earning more time to spend doing you want.

Whether you want to earn more sales, more time, a promotion, or gain knowledge, Wordzen is the tool that can give you that advantage heading into the new year and help you actually achieve your goals.


Throughout this series, you’ve read about the various reasons professionals use Wordzen. Now, read about some real-life examples of Wordzen users who have used it to increase their earnings in their own way.

Increase Financial Earnings (Start Your Side Hustle)

Use Wordzen to help you craft and edit messages for your most important deals. By having a second set of eyes review your content, you can feel confident in what you send. That’s what Chicago entrepreneur Alan Brookes did when he found Wordzen. “I can directly attribute several deals going my way because of the tone and clarity of my emails, and that is a credit to Wordzen,” he said. Find out much he saved in one transaction by reading his full story here.

It’s also the perfect way to help launch your side hustle (and everyone needs one of those in 2019, right?!). As you’re messaging new contacts, potential investors, and future clients, make sure you’re putting your best foot forward and connecting with them in a genuine, professional way that will encourage them to want to do business with you. By using Wordzen as your personal assistant to help draft your social media posts, you can have the benefits of having a second hand, even when you’re just starting out.

Earn More Time (The Elusive Work-Life Balance) 

For the majority of today’s workforce much of the work day is spent communicating – on email, on LinkedIn, on Slack, on your company’s proprietary personal messaging system. It’s time-consuming and can take away focus from other priorities. While necessary for progress, there are times when it seems like an 8-hour work day turns into the 24-hour work day because you’re reading and responding to these messages at all hours of the day and night.

Natalie Lisa, a real estate executive assistant who knows that the typical work day is anything but 9 to 5 found herself drowning, unable to get through her to-do list each day, until she found Wordzen, saying that now, “[She] can focus on other responsibilities and get a lot more work done.” And because Wordzen’s editors are available 24/7, that means she can save time at home too, finding that on any given day, Wordzen saves her two hours or more.

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” – John C. Maxwell

Imagine earning two more hours each day to focus on high-priority projects at work or to spend on you. You can be one of those superheroes that works, goes to the gym, volunteers, reads a book a week, and still somehow finds the time to sleep each day. Use this time of reflection to find ways to delegate the tasks in your life that will give you more time while still maintaining the quality you expect. 

Gain More of What You Need (Choose Your Own Adventure)

Like with most things, what you get or want out of something can be multifaceted, as was the case with Li Ming. She began using Wordzen in hopes of getting promoted at work. While she was qualified and had great reviews, she lacked the ability to communicate in perfect English, something that was required to get to the next level.

When she discovered Wordzen, she used it to improve her writing and to show to her bosses and colleagues that she was deserving of the promotion. However, she used it for so much more. Using the edited message to compare against her own and reading them out loud, she has learned how to communicate more professionally both written and orally. “My skills have improved every day, and I feel more confident.”

The Bottom Line

Each of Wordzen’s clients use it in the way most suitable for them, choosing to use the text or audio feature, whether to respond to emails they come in or in batches. And the same is true for how it benefits them. No matter what it is you hope to earn in 2019, the editors at Wordzen are ready to help you achieve it.