Selling to the US, UK, and Canada When English Is Your Second Language

The rise of Asia in the era of the internet has changed the dynamics of business everywhere. It’s very common for people from two different companies, one on each continent, to communicate on a daily basis across oceans, time zones, and cultures. If you’re a salesperson in Asia selling to clients in the US, UK, or Canada, your day is your client’s night. That means your communications will almost always rely on email rather than phone calls. If English is your second language, how can you make sure your sales messages are always perfect?

English is your second language

When English Is Your Second Language

English is the language of sales and business, but it’s a difficult language to master. Even so, your professionalism, value, and intelligence will be evaluated by others based on how well you use English in your communications, including emails. If you deal with customers or potential leads, the quality of your written English use will have a direct impact on your company’s sales success. That’s because sales are based on trust (look for more on that topic in next week’s blog post). If you aren’t accurate in your communications, your potential customers may not trust your attention to detail in other areas.

If you’re one of the millions of people for whom English as your second language, give yourself a sales advantage – use 24/7 services that operate for both you and your customer. And since your communications are more likely to be by email than phone, make sure your emails are correct. Consider using Wordzen’s free trial to see what our editors can do for you.

Chances are your company is spending heavily on online advertising to load your sales funnel with potential customers from the US, Canada, or the UK. But if you’re not giving those prospects the best possible replies, you’re wasting your advertising budget. Don’t stop advertising – instead, make sure the follow-up communication you have with English-speaking prospects works well.

The Bottom Line

If English is your second language but it’s your customers’ first language, take steps to make your English as polished as possible. Get a coach, hire a native English-speaker for your correspondence, or if your budget is a consideration, rely on a service such as Wordzen that’s there for you 24/7 and can produce perfect emails for a monthly subscription cost. If sales are your priority, then Wordzen is a tool you need. Sign up today for a free trial.