How to Express Gratitude in Emails

At Thanksgiving, everyone but the turkey is grateful for a holiday that involves friends, family, and a big feast. But that’s not the only time to express gratitude.

Often, we all need to give thanks or praise in a business setting, where it’s sometimes difficult to know what to say, especially in an email.

There’s an art to conveying this kind of appreciation, and it comes in three parts.

How to Express Gratitude

Part One: Gratitude

First is an “attitude of gratitude. You must feel genuinely grateful otherwise, it shows, and what you intend as a positive gesture can backfire and be perceived as false or negative. So before you offer thanks to a co-worker or client, take a moment to appreciate the meaning of their effort or contribution fully.

Part Two: Specificity

Are you writing to someone who sacrificed personal time when another colleague might not have done so? Did they maneuver around a challenge to produce a helpful resolution? Did they show up at exactly the right time and intuit precisely the right thing to say in a difficult situation? Center on what specifically is the object of your delight or relief.

That focus is the second element of a good thank-you.

Part Three: Appreciation

The final step is a brief, uplifting statement of appreciation.

That’s all there is to it!

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