When Do Editors Reject Emails? – Guidelines For Use

What does “regular email correspondence” mean?

Wondering why an editor rejected your email? Wordzen editors use their judgment in deciding to accept or reject an email, but the major reasons are these: Length and Content.

We promise a 10-minute turnaround on emails, but an exceptionally long email cannot reasonably be professionally edited in that timeframe. The amount of time that it will take our professional editors to work on your email is a major factor in determining whether it falls within Wordzen’s scope – and whether it should be accepted or rejected. Their experience has given them exceptional evaluative skills to make this determination this after a quick read-through.

It also means that our editors are trained in English and research. Although they are capable of editing a very technical email and doing the research necessary to be sure they are writing accurately, the editor working on your email may not necessarily be an expert in your field. Editors will reject promotional copy, pitches, real estate profiles, marketing content, or resumes.

Wordzen editors reject re-submissions so any email submitted more than once will be rejected.

As Wordzen grows and develops, we plan to introduce options to have non-standard emails and other long-form content edited for an additional fee.

Please note that a response to a rejection notice will be forwarded to our administrative team for consideration. Those responses do not go through to the editor who rejected your message.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to reach out any time: admin@wordzen.com

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