New Feature: Decide whether each individual email should be saved or sent

We’ve deployed a new version of the Wordzen Chrome extension that allows you to set, for each email you send to Wordzen, whether the email should be saved as a Draft after the edits are complete, or sent for you after the edits are complete.

There is now a Settings option next to the Wordzen button that allows you to set this for each individual email:

Less important emails, ones for which you don’t feel the need to review the edits, you may wish to have sent for you. More important emails you may wish to have saved as a Draft so you can then review and manually send.

Simply choose which option you like before hitting the Wordzen button. The setting will always default to the last chosen setting. So if you elect to have an email saved as a Draft after editing, then this will be the default choice on your next email. If you elect to have an email sent after editing, then that will be the default choice on your next email.

Previously, choosing whether an email is saved or sent was an account-wide setting that you could manage by logging into That account-wide setting is no longer relevant.

To get the update, you can manually update the Wordzen Chrome extension by going to chrome://extensions in the Address bar and clicking the Update Extensions button. Otherwise, Chrome will automatically update the Wordzen extension automatically within a few days. Then, reload Gmail.

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