Who Uses Wordzen and Why

The Most Advanced and Unique Email Editing Tool Helps Everyone
Wordzen was created to be not only different than any other email editing tool but better. Now after only a few months of existence, users have discovered it’s the difference that makes Wordzen better!
Wordzen is different in that we use human editors to review and revise your content, making it clear, concise, and grammatically impeccable. After editing is complete you can review the message or have it sent through your Gmail account.
When writing documents and emails, most people use spell checkers that detect a lot of mistakes, but no spell check can find every mistake. Spell check will not fined words witch are miss used butt spelled rite.
There are also grammar-checkers online that use computer algorithms to verify text is in line with accepted guidelines for sentence structure and word usage, but they don’t have the capacity to understand the actual message being conveyed by the writer. If you try them you’ll encounter errors, sometimes big ones. Our editors can write with the emotional intelligence necessary to read the context and tone of an email, something an algorithm is not capable of doing.
Who uses Wordzen?
Colleen is a Realtor in Minneapolis, Minnesota who uses Wordzen for almost every email she writes. “If it’s going to a client, Wordzen gets it first,” she told us recently. “I am often complimented on the style and clarity of my emails, and I am convinced that several deals have closed seamlessly because I was able to communicate so effectively with Wordzen.”
Voice record your email, and let our editors write it for you.Gaston is a marketing specialist in the United Kingdom and a non-native speaker of English. He shared with us that he uses Wordzen between 10-20 times per day because his emails go to C-level executives and “my emails require impeccable English.” He added, “It’s literally the best chrome extension I’ve ever installed.”
Finally, Bob is a car salesman in Houston, and he says he loves Wordzen more than his game of solitaire he plays on nights when there are no customers on the lot. “When I meet a customer in person about a new car, they usually leave the lot with ‘I’ll think about it,’ and then it’s up to me to follow up. I always send a follow-up email, and I always use Wordzen. The truth is, Wordzen just writes a whole lot better than I do! I get a nice response rate from my customers, and I’m sure Wordzen has a lot to do with that.”
Wordzen is rated ★★★★★ on the Chrome Web Store, and is very easy to install and use. There is a video on YouTube to guide you through the installation, and our Twitter account offer tips on new features, which are constantly being developed.

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