Who Uses Wordzen and Why?

A Better Mousetrap Helps Everyone

Wordzen was created to be better than any other email editing tool. What’s different about Wordzen is what makes it best.

We use professional live editors to review and revise your content, making it clear, concise, correct, and contextual. And we make those editors available to you through a simple app on your desktop, tablet, or phone.

All you do to send your message to an editor is click a button. When Wordzen is done, the editor will return the improved version of your email to your Drafts folder or, at your request, send it directly to your recipient.

It couldn’t be easier to use, and it works for anyone who uses Gmail or G Suite.

Why Does Editing Matter?

Spell-checkers can detect some mistakes but not all of them. Automated grammar-checkers are better because they use computer algorithms to verify that your text meets their guidelines for sentence structure, etc. But neither of these can understand the intent of the message.

Spell check will not fined words witch are miss used butt spelled rite.

Our editors can write with the emotional intelligence necessary to read the context and tone of an email — something an algorithm is not capable of doing. If you sound too sharp or angry in an email to your boss, or if you bury a crucial fact in a late paragraph when it should be front-and-center, or if you accidentally write the opposite of what you mean because “not” is missing in your declaration, no automated software will save you. But an experienced editor looks for all these things when they review your email.

Who Uses Wordzen*?

Barbara is a realtor who uses Wordzen to help sell properties. In her Minneapolis business, she uses Wordzen for almost every email she writes. “If it’s going to a client, Wordzen gets it first,” she tells us. “I am often complimented on the style and clarity of my emails, and I am convinced that several deals have closed seamlessly because I was able to communicate so effectively with Wordzen.”

Realtor uses Wordzen

Jerome uses Wordzen to communicate with C-level execs. Although he’s an accomplished writer, Jerome is a non-native speaker of English. In his job as a marketing executive in the UK, he uses email extensively, often to persuade or update the C-suite office of his large organization. He shared with us that he uses Wordzen 10 to 20 times each day because “my emails require impeccable English.” He added, “It’s literally the best Chrome extension I’ve ever installed.”

Alex uses Wordzen to follow up, a critical part of his business. As a busy car salesman in Houston, Alex loves Wordzen because it helps him bring prospects back to buy. “When a customer visits us in person to look at new cars, they usually leave the lot saying, ‘I’ll think about it.’ Then it’s up to me to follow up.”

That follow-up email is a combination of details and persuasion. “I always use Wordzen,” he says. “The truth is, Wordzen just writes a whole lot better than I do! I get a nice response rate from my customers, and I’m sure Wordzen has a lot to do with that.”

Wordzen is rated five stars on the Chrome Web Store, and is very easy to install and use. Watch our tutorial video if you’d like a walk-through guide for installation.

*Quoted comments are from actual users, but names have been changed to maintain their privacy.