Wordzen is Now an Official Gmail Add-on

Wordzen is now available as an official Gmail Add-onThis extends the functionality of Wordzen to Android devices (iPhone users, look here) and adds some important new features.

How is Wordzen’s Gmail Add-on different from the Wordzen Chrome Extension?

First, let’s be clear on what is meant by a “Gmail Add-on” and how that differs from the Wordzen Chrome extension, which is what users have been using on the desktop.

Gmail Add-ons are a new way to enhance Gmail, bringing functionality into your Gmail experience wherever you log in. They are attached to your Gmail account, and the code that runs them lives at Google. They are created by third-party companies but must be thoroughly reviewed by the Gmail team at Google for inclusion into the Gmail Add-on Store.

Chrome Extensions, on the other hand, have similar features but are associated with your Chrome installation on each desktop machine. The code that runs them lives on each device along with that installation of the Chrome browser.

It’s important to be clear that you can and should have both the Wordzen Chrome extension and the Wordzen Gmail Add-on installed at the same time; it’s not one or the other. By having both, you get the best experience with Wordzen on both desktop and mobile.

The benefits of the Gmail Add-on

Wordzen’s Gmail Add-on greatly enhances portability. Unlike the Chrome Extension, which only works on desktops, the Wordzen Gmail Add-on works on all devices you use to login to Gmail, as soon as you install it.

This means that you can be logged into your Gmail account on your home desktop computer, install the Gmail Add-on, and you will be able to use the Wordzen functionality on your computer at your office, your laptop computer, and your Android device! It will even be available from the computer at the public library or a friend’s house when you log into your Gmail account.

Note: Wordzen’s Gmail Add-on also available for iPhone. Please see using Wordzen on an iPhone.

The Wordzen Gmail Add-on also brings a new level of simplicity when it comes to submitting audio messages by cutting down the time you spend responding to email by up to 90%. Installing the Add-on will allow Wordzen to work inside Gmail on both desktop and Android. Just click the microphone to reply with an audio message, and our editors will write your email within ten minutes.

How to install the Wordzen Add-on (it’s easy!)

It’s easy to install this add-on. Experienced users can just follow this link and apply the typical steps. For those of you who haven’t yet installed add-ons, here are more detailed instructions.

  1. Visit Wordzen’s page on the G Suite Marketplace, and click the blue “INSTALL” button in the upper right corner.

  2. Gmail will then launch a small pop-up window asking for your permission to install this (or any) Gmail Add-on, so click Continue at that point. It will then ask you to choose which Gmail account to associate with this add-on. Choose the Gmail account you want. [Note: You can have the same Gmail Add-ons installed on different Gmail accounts; you just have to install them one at a time.]
  3. Gmail will then ask for your permission again to specifically allow this add-on to access your Gmail account. Click the ALLOW button to allow this access. Wordzen needs this access to function with your Gmail account.
  4. It will process for a moment, and then you will see a window alerting you that the add-on has been installed.

That’s it! You’ve installed Wordzen’s Gmail Add-on. Now, every time you’re logged into Gmail on any desktop computer, laptop, or Android device, you will have the Wordzen features this Gmail Add-on provides. To get started using it, just go to Gmail and look for the Wordzen Add-on as described below.

Where to find Wordzen on your Gmail screen: Desktop vs. Android

Where you’ll find Wordzen’s Gmail Add-on depends on whether you are using Gmail on a computer or an Android mobile device.

On a computer, it’s to the right of your Gmail window, as shown here:

On an Android device, it’s found at the bottom 

To learn how to use Wordzen on your iPhone, please see this post.

Taking Wordzen to the next level

At Wordzen, we are excited about the Gmail Add-on, since it brings Wordzen to mobile devices and adds powerful capabilities for getting through your email faster. It takes 30 seconds to install and is available wherever you can access Gmail on a computer or Android device. Give it a try today, and let us know what you think by leaving a review on the G Suite Marketplace Wordzen page.

If you have any issues installing Wordzen, please email us at contact@wordzen.com.


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