Writing a Grant Request Cover Letter

A Well-Written Grant Request Cover Letter May Clinch the Funding You Need

What is in a Proposal?

grant request cover letter

A proposal or request for funding will typically involve extensive documentation, including financial statements, business plans, personal qualifications, and volumes of other information. Countless hours of work go into putting these together, and there’s a chance none of the information will even be reviewed unless it is accompanied by a compelling cover letter. It’s the cover letter that gets your request through the door and in front of the funding committee.

What Should the Cover Letter Include?

When writing a proposal to a foundation or charity, the cover letter is your opportunity to make an initial impact on the reader(s) and get through to a panel of reviewers who will then decide if they are interested in evaluating your proposal and potentially funding your cause. As these organizations receive countless funding requests annually, the letter must be brief yet thorough.

Note: Some foundations will have a specific format for cover letters. Make sure to inquire and follow any standards precisely in such cases.

If there is no set template, these rules will help you increase your chances of getting a positive response to your funding proposal.

  1. Request your dollar amount and introduce your project in the first sentence. This helps readers to focus on your goal as they review the other information. Otherwise, this crucial information might be lost in the mix.
  2. Describe how your project and organization will further the foundation’s mission. The organization from which you’re requesting funds wants to see that your project fits its purpose and scope – i.e., matches their intentions for the money they aim to invest.
  3. Reference your most recent contact with the foundation. By offering this bit of personalization, it shows that you’re invested in the foundation in some capacity, that you’re familiar with the work they do, and that you’re fostering a relationship, not just asking for money.
  4. Index the proposal’s contents. This can serve as a reference for when discussions take place. Also, it shows readers and decision-makers that all of the pertinent information is included.
  5. Give contact details and offer additional information upon request. If geographic or regional requirements apply to the foundation’s program, make it clear that your organization is within the boundaries of the areas it serves.
  6. Make sure it’s signed by your organization’s executive director or president. Most foundations expect your chief officer to sign your proposal as a signal that your offer is serious and worthy of their time and resources.

As with any important letter, the grammar, punctuation, spelling, and general tone must be perfect. With a great deal of money riding on a one-page letter, it’s a good idea to let someone with editing experience review it.

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