Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Wordzen

Wordzen is a plugin for Gmail that enables our human editors to write and respond to email for you. It's available as both a Gmail Add-on and as a Chrome extension. Using Wordzen ensures every email you send contains perfect English. The primary way to use Wordzen is to let us draft your emails for you based on your voice instructions, but you can also draft your own emails and we'll edit and proofread them.

For the best experience, install both the Gmail Add-on and the Chrome extension. The Gmail Add-on shows up on desktop and Android, and optionally, your iPhone. The Add-on provides the main functionality of Wordzen, which allows you to talk in response to an email. The Wordzen editors then draft the perfect email based on your voice instructions. The Chrome extension only works on desktop, and also lets you record yourself in response to an email. The Chrome extension can also also be used to have Wordzen proofread an email you've already written.

Not at all. Wordzen can write your entire email for you, without you having to type a word. At the same time, Wordzen's editors optimize your grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence rhythm, and tone.

Device Compatibility

To use the Wordzen Add-on, you must be logging into the web-based version Gmail on any web browser, or if you're using Gmail on your mobile device, you must be using the Gmail app to manage your email. To use the Wordzen Chrome extension, you must be logging into the web-based version of Gmail from the Chrome browser.

Yes, G Suite uses Gmail to power the email for your company's domain. As long as you're using Chrome or the Gmail app to access your email account, it will work.

If using the Chrome extension, you must install the browser extension on each browser on each computer. For example, if you use Chrome, and you have a desktop, and a laptop, you must install the Wordzen Chrome extension on both the desktop and the laptop. If using the Gmail Add-on, it will work automatically regardless of where you login to Gmail from.

How Wordzen Works

Yes. With every email you submit to Wordzen, you have a choice of whether you want it saved back to your DRAFTS folder, so you can review and send it yourself, or whether you want the editor to write the email and send it for you. Users often choose the latter option after using Wordzen for a while and developing a high level of comfort with the service.

The Wordzen team of editors are English experts who are located all over the United States. There is always at least one editor handling submissions, so you can be certain your emails will be written within 10 minutes of you submitting it to Wordzen.

Our goal is to write and edit your email within 10 minutes of you submitting an email to Wordzen.

Our editors adhere to a strict confidentiality policy and will never misuse the content of your email messages. However, you need not use Wordzen on all of your email. Wordzen editors will only see the content of email messages that you submit to Wordzen.

Yes. Wordzen has full 24x7 coverage during the weekdays, and close to 24x7 coverage on the weekends. Therefore, you may experience wait times of longer than 10 minutes on weekends.